I love Brighton & Hove for SO many reasons. I’m super fond of the people, and I feel SO lucky that I have the best customers ever! I always seem to gel with my clients and it always feels like a perfect fit.
One of the best parts of my job is the variety, along with getting to know and work with an array of people! Everyone is unique, and not one of them is the same. I am passionate about finding a persons unique style and essence, and translating that into their perfect hair and makeup look for THEIR wedding day.
I have learnt that often, brides like to stick to what they know so that they still feel like themselves on their day. They are just looking for MY take on it, and are excited to have it done by a professional with my experience!
I’ve learnt that some brides think they know what they want, yet when they try it, it doesn’t feel like the right fit.
Sometimes you need to try something to know it’s not actually what you want, and that leads us to  find the look that you actually feel your best in!
I’ve learnt that makeup has the ability to transform how someone feels, and how it can give that extra boost of confidence on your wedding day.
I’ve learnt that by the time I see my customer on their wedding morning, that their nerves tend to have subsided. They know that everything has been planned and considered in the run up to the wedding day and that they can sit back and relax/ enjoy it from this moment on.
Most of my brides tend to be very zen on the day, which always seems to surprise people!
I’ve also seen my clients really enjoy the chill time they get when I do their makeup; it’s the calm before the storm and brides really appreciate that peaceful moment to themselves!
And finally stating the obvious; I have learnt there is so much love around on the day that you get married. The energy in the room is always so special, and I feel so lucky to be a part of that!
Lizz x