The makeup world is full of possibilities, with soooo many products, colours, textures and looks to choose from.
Deciding how you want to wear your makeup on your wedding day, can for some be an easy decision! Whereas other brides feel a little lost and are unsure of what they want/what to ask me for!
A lot of the customers I have worked with have a solid and simple makeup routine that they usually stick to, and they are looking for me to recreate something similar; although slightly more elevated and slightly more glam!
Others never wear makeup and feel completely lost with what they would like to look like, and a few want to go for something totally different to what they usually do!
A trial is a great way to explore what you feel comfortable in, as well as what you are drawn to/ feel like yourself in. It’s also a nice time for us to meet one and other before your big day, and it gives you an opportunity to test drive the makeup to see how it performs for you after our session!
Most of my clients opt to have a makeup/ hair & makeup trial, however it’s important to know that they are not totally essential from my end!
I am used to turning up at photoshoots, having to instantly know what I am being asked for with very little direction, and nailing the correct look right away. I’ve worked with many brides without a trial, so it’s up to you and whether or not you feel like you’d benefit from having one.


What To Expect

In the lead up to your trial, we will discuss vaguely what sort of look you are thinking of going for. Some of my clients like to send me some images of hair or makeup looks that they like, others like to describe the sort of vibe they are wanting to go for! This again is not essential, as when you arrive at your session we will discuss in depth the sort of makeup you usually wear/ what you do or don’t feel comfortable in. (However it can be helpful to see a few images.)
My years of experience mean I am very good at gauging what you are going to like after asking you some simple questions!
Once I feel I understand exactly what it is that you’re wanting, I do your makeup using the information I’ve been given by you as my guide. Once I have finished it, I show you my first take on your makeup look!
I often get the look spot on right away and my customers will tell me they love it/ feel like themselves -but just better!
Other times there may be a little feedback; perhaps you’d like to try a different shade of lip, or you may fancy trying some slightly more dramatic false lashes.
Alllll feedback is welcome, it’s your face after all! And I absolutely won’t get offended with anything you want to change. I won’t be happy until I KNOW you love what we have done together.
We can take this amends time to make some tweaks until you get that ‘that’s the one!’ feeling.
Next I take some photos of the look as well as write myself full notes on all of the products I have used. This means I have the relevant information to recreate the same thing on your wedding day!
I always ask my brides to give me feedback if there are any issues with how any of the makeup wears, throughout the day of the trial. Most of the time everything works well and stays looking fresh until they take it off at night!
However if a client found that they got shiny throughout the day, I may change the formula of foundation or concealer on the skin, so that the makeup will look the same as it did at the trial, but it will deliver differently on the day/ become less shiny, due to the change in product choice.

I Promise It’s Fun!

Sometimes my customers arrive and tell me that they’re nervous about having their makeup done/ about the trial experience. Yet they always leave with a smile on their face and tell me that they really enjoyed it! They obviously always leave LOVING their wedding makeup.
If you feel a trial would benefit you before your big day, please feel free to get in touch! I would love to help you find your perfect look so that you feel AMAZING, and like your best self.