One of the aspects of my work that I really take pride in, is being able to do makeup on absolutely everyone. And just to be clear, I LOVE my customers, so it’s important to me that everyone feels welcome. 

I so often get told from models or clients, that there are a lot of makeup artists who are unable to work on darker or fair skin tones, mature skin, differing eye shapes etc.

This always SHOCKS me, as makeup is for everyone, and it can be used on everyone in a way that looks incredible! Everyone should feel included and catered for. Not to mention the array of colours, formulas and helpful tools that are available on the market these days!

If you have ever felt like makeup is not for you, yet you want to find a way to love and enjoy it, then I can help, and it would be a pleasure to do so!


Would a private makeup lesson with me help you?

I work with an array of clients who book me for a private makeup lesson; I have worked with women from ages 15-88! I have worked with trans women, women with birthmarks that they want to cover, women with scarring. I’ve also worked with several men who want to enjoy makeup and learn the basics, or those that want to know how to express their feminine side.
A lot of my customers for makeup lessons are in the 50+ range, and I LOVE working with this bunch!

They tell me that they often feel alienated from the tutorials or advice that they see online, don’t know who to trust or what products to buy, they’re not sure how to actually do their makeup anymore, in fact they’re not sure if they ever really knew how to do their makeup ‘properly’. 

The general feeling is that the skincare and makeup scene is overwhelming, expensive, and super personal! They often find this paralysing and end up being unmotivated. 


Many of these customers also struggle to know how to do the things that they used to do makeup wise, due to the fact that their eye and lip shape may be changing, along with skin texture and pigmentation. 

Makeup is an art form that can evolve and change with YOU; the things we used to do when we were 18, won’t work for us when we are 60.

Picking the right makeup products for mature skin

The makeup market has also evolved so much in the past decade or so; products now are AMAZING. 

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of rubbish out there, however makeup science and innovation has created some beautiful and highly functional products, and I am here to select the ones that will serve YOU best. 

A big thing my clients say, is that I help them to fall back in love with makeup again, that I have helped them to create a realistic and achievable routine and that they feel more confident and beautiful.

Many of them get excited about makeup shopping, and trying some of the new colours I have recommended for them!

It is also important to me that I don’t recommend a million products and brushes; I try to keep the individuals shopping list to as few products as possible. A capsule makeup bag if you will!

I myself only use a few products day to day! I can’t be dealing with a million step, 1 hour routine!

I also ensure to keep your makeup look tailored to you and your sense of style/your aesthetic. My customers often tell me that they still fee like themselves; just an updated version! 

It’s also important that I consider your new routine being practical with your lifestyle, and how you like to spend your time. 

Professional makeup artist for mature skin

My customers often tell me, that they are shocked at how simple my tips are, and that they are finding it easy to create the looks themselves at home. This is the ultimate goal for me when my clients book a session.

That everything made sense to you, that you find it easy to execute, and that you start to enjoy doing your own makeup again!

If you need help navigating the modern makeup world, feel free to get in touch as I would love to help!

Lizz xx