Well, Hello there future bride-babe!

Stating the obvious; planning a wedding is A LOT.

So here are some short and sharp pointers in picking the right wedding day makeup artist for you <3 

Makeup and style, is SUCH a personal thing, and with the pressure put upon us to look great on the day that we get married, it is so important that the team you choose for your wedding day, feels like the right fit. Whether you are new to the makeup world, or a long-term die-hard fan, it really helps to understand your own personal style and makeup look preferences. 

This then helps you to select the right makeup artist, to deliver your ideal wedding day look for the day! The most important thing, is selecting a makeup artist who you feel really LISTENS to you.

It’s a bit like going to the hairdressers, and you ask for an inch off your hair, and end up leaving with a pixie cut that you didn’t ask for….Working with someone who listens to what you are saying, what you feel comfortable in, and what you don’t (heavy base makeup for example), is SO important. 

Another major indicator of whether a makeup artist is right for you, is whether or not you like the style of their work online! 

Are you able to select lots of images from their website portfolio, that you really like the look of? 

And do you see examples on their Instagram of makeup you would like to wear yourself?  

It also helps, to select someone who shows they can work on all types of faces (not just their own face), as this shows the artist has varied makeup skills, and heaps of experience, meaning they are much more likely to deliver a makeup look for you, that you’re going to LOVE. 

Ensuring that you gel on a personal level with your chosen MUA is also so important to create the wedding morning that most people are looking for. You need to feel that you enjoy being around your makeup artist, that you like them as a person, and that you find them calming to be around.

Hair and makeup is such an intimate thing; who wants someone inches from their face on their wedding morning that they are not too keen on! Organising a trial, or a phone chat can be a really good way of feeling that out with your potential MUA. 

As with a lot of things in life, follow your gut, and be sure to pick someone who is on your side, in ensuring you feel like the hottest version of you for the big day.

Lizz x