Lessons & Makeup Styling

Lizz is a Brighton & Hove based, professional makeup artist with 15 years experience. She regularly works on photoshoots and advertising campaigns, as well as with VIPs and on TV shows. Lizz is passionate about her work, and really enjoys passing on her knowledge to private clients! She has 10 years teaching experience and is friendly and calming to work with.

Lizz offers a range of options, for those wanting to learn more about the makeup world. Whether this be learning the basics, a personal restyle or makeover, to those who feel confident with their makeup application abilities, but would like to improve their skills further; she also offers private tutoring and guidance for aspiring makeup artists!

Many of Lizz’s lesson clients, feel stuck with how they do their makeup, out of touch with modern makeup products (when there are SO many to choose from!), and may have already had several expensive, makeup purchasing mistakes…As she is not affiliated with any brands and is not trying to sell you anything, Lizz can give you honest advice about what products she thinks will work for you best. 

The below packages are available, or you can speak to Lizz about creating your own lesson that’s tailored to you. Please get in touch if you would like to enquire about booking in with Lizz. Her glowing client reviews can be found here; she also has a 5 star rating from her past clients on her ‘Google Business’ listing!

Lizz Payne Brighton Makeup Artist Liz

The Bespoke Package

A personalised package, created totally by you! Freedom to choose exactly how the session is structured, the duration, along with what content is covered throughout- Please get in touch for a quote.


Makeover/ Personal Styling

A makeup makeover & styling session of up to 1.5 hours; Time for a makeup revamp! Perfect for anyone who is feeling a little lost with their look, style or unconfident with their makeup shopping choices. Lizz is great at seeing a persons true style and essence, and is able to design a modern look based on this. She is fantastic at ensuring that you feel like the best version of YOU, whilst remaining in your makeup comfort zone. A shopping list of all recommended products used will be provided after your session! (This is not a lesson format; time will be spent designing an updated look for you.)



Makeup Lesson

A one on one lesson of up to 2 hours; Lizz will use a show and teach technique to guide you through each step of one makeup look you are wanting to learn. She will give you tips and tricks along the way, and will guide you through doing parts of it yourself. Lizz can also show you how to vary the look slightly/ turn it into an evening look. After the session, she will send you full lesson notes to refer to, a list of products and tools used, and is able to offer you a trade discount for new products on your shopping list!



Deluxe Makeup Lesson

A one on one lesson of up to 3.5 hours; This package is perfect for those wanting to learn a few different looks (also makes a great gift for someone you love!). Lizz will use a show and teach technique to guide you through various makeup looks that you want to master. She will give you industry tips and tricks to ensure that you have the knowledge to execute your desired looks to a very high standard! This is a chance to soak up as much knowledge as possible, and an opportunity to pick her brains the entire time! After the lesson, Lizz will send you links to all products and tools used, lesson notes and tips to refer to, and can offer a trade discount for new products.



Makeup Artist Tutoring Session

A one on one session of up to 4 hours; Lizz can offer all of her industry expertise to aspiring makeup artists. A chance to pick her brains about makeup techniques (new ones or ones you find difficult), products choices for your kit, training, how to conduct yourself on set / shoots, marketing, portfolio/website, confidence in your ability, cultivating client relationships- and anything else that you want to ask her! A full set of notes will be sent to you, so that you have these to refer to after the session.




Lizz would LOVE to hear from you; please drop her an email to Lizz@lizzpayne.co.uk or send a Whassapp message to 07711266637 . She looks forward to speaking with you!

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